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Home Farmer – Spinach Harvest Pack

Home Farmer – Spinach Harvest Pack

Home Farmers – Spinach Starter Pack



Home Farmers – Spinach Starter Pack


To get you started with a bountiful supply of delicious organic greens, here’s what you need to give you a constant harvest from each ‘Perpetual Spinach’ plant. It is called perpetual because as soon as you cut off a leaf, it grows more leaves! I’ve had some plants growing for over a year with no sign of slowing down.

We chose Kale and Spinach as our main crops for Spring 2022 as both are highly nutritious, low-calorie vegetables that provide a wide array of important vitamins and minerals.


    We will give you some young growing Spinach plants (Harvest soon)


    The best organic Spinach seeds with 200+ seeds per pack.

    Variety – Perpetual Spinach
    Organic ‘Verde da Taglio’ Leaf Beet


    We supply top quality durable seedling trays with 25 cells in this pack. As the cells are spacious, you can also plant multiple seeds for multiple seeds in each of the cells.

    Product details –

    Designed to last for many uses
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
    Black; Durable; Flexible Plastic; Not Coated; Eco-Friendly


      Source this from your local garden centre or hardware store. Or if you meet us and we can help you get some compost for a small extra fee.


      Seeds + Seedling Trays

      Collection available from Dublin and Meath.


      At Home Farmers, we are happy to come and visit new clients. We have a ‘pop-up’ shop where we come and get you the seeds and equipment you need to get started. We will also give you a quick demo so you can start sowing seeds in confidence they will grow!

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